From the recording The World Has Gone Crazy

I'm Starting to show my Sensitive Side more & more and I'm learning to Play with My Music a little. Don't think so, Go put on Head Phones or Ear Phones then check out this Song ( It has a 3-D type of sound to it). The Words are in Your Ears but the Music comes off like it's in Front of You. And Look for the Cello Sound I got from my Guitar and a Electra-Harmonix C9 pedal. Plus You can put this Song in the "May Be True Category", But I did embellish a lot of It. Because a lot of Things Really did Happen in 2016. And some may say  "Why is the Song so Long", And My answer to that is... When You write a Story Song, You need to get the Whole Story in. And Just Think, DJ's can use the song as a way to take a Bathroom Break (Ha-Ha). Have Fun Jimmi Ritz Reitzler