From the recording Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

This song is on the so called BAD LP... The Looking Thru Bobby's Diary LP (This LP sells for up to $80.00 on ebay by collectors and was just mentioned in Goldmine Magazine the March 2011 Issue#797) and it's on the RITZ Compilation CD-It's one of my most requested songs.This was my 1st SOLO LP I had booked time at Leo's Recording studio for the 2nd NO BRAKES LP but unfortunately at this time Carl decided to get married and John and Dave went back to there other band ...So I was left on my own.I had 15 songs ready to go  some Accoustic and some Electric.So I had to play everything my self.But what was funny was while working on the songs I was receiving calls to play out(One place was CBGB's in New York City and some  Rock clubs down the shore).Yes the song is about what the story talks about and is 75% TRUE(THE names have been changed to......OH never mind-BUT Leo's was next to a dirty book store--so may be that had something to do with the song????).Jimmi