GOLDMINE (The Music Collector's Magazine March 2011 Issue)-True 5-STAR ALBUMS.With The Beatles,Rolling Stones,Bruce Springsteen,Pink Floyd,Todd Rundgren and meet Jimmi Reitzler.It goes on to mention all my music (45's,EP's,LP's,Tape,CD and download.Talks about my record-collecting motto,My favorite musical acts(The Beatles,Tommy Bolin,Todd Rundgren and Jimi Hendrix).Also talks about all the music people I've meet (on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City New Jersey and when I met Ace Frehley while working at the Tropicana Casino plus the other people I met in New York City and Philly).And they used the picture of me in front of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (the same picture I use for my home page on this sites home page.Gave me a whole page review/mention.Also mentions how I'm a collector thats collected.Very Nice review.

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