Jimmi RITZ Reitzler,Jimmi Reitzler, NO BRAKES,57th Street & Tarot - Carl Schultz on Drums in both NO BRAKES & 57th Street,Joe Evans in both NO BRAKES & Tarot

OK I started out as Jimmi Reitzler played in a lot of bands in South New Jersey on both the Black Horse Pike and the White Horse Pike sides.I learned how to play guitar in the summer before High School (Got the money for my first guitar from working as a catty at a local golf course).I would work in mornings then hitch hike to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see Big Name Bands playing on the Steel Pier.I saw the Allman Brothers with both Duane and Barry,Badfinger with all members,Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.I also met a guy named Mitch who helped me learn how to write songs.We both played guitar and sang.A year later we put a band together and added Carl Schultz on drums.We played back yard bar-b-q's and birthday party's.Then Carl went into the army and Mitch decided his calling was Acting.I went on to join a band named Tarot that wanted to do all originals we put out a 45 rpm record for Ripe records with one song (Play it again-that I sang and co-wrote and another song Jamaican Vacation that I wrote and sang) we were also played on the radio and we got a picture in a New York Magazine called Rock Scene.This band fell apart but Carl and I started another band called 57th Street that put out our own 45 record (Rock&Roll can save the world that was picked up by midnight records.Then we changed the bands name to NO BRAKES and put out both a 3 song EP(Tessa and Myra) and an LP (SHATTERED DREAMS) and we played all over South Jersey.Then I went solo and put out The(Looking THRU Bobby's Diary Lp and the Save the 7-Inch EP).Played a Few clubs and at CBGB's in New York city(The LP got a lot of press all over the world).Next I changed my name to Jimmi RITZ Reitzler and put out a Tape called ADDITIONAL PARKING then stopped for a few years.Then I put out a compilation CD with songs from some of the above (plus 4 new songs) called RITZ and then released a download only of the ADDITIONAL PARKING tape.Both the RITZ CD and the download only are both on cdbaby.The Looking Thru Bobby's Diary Lp shows up on ebay every so offen for $70.00 to $80.00.I'm working on a Book and some new songs and would like to play out again in the next year.      

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