I'm Sorry it took so long to get this out but this is the Story of my New Song--- Well this song started out around the Beginning of 2016. I was looking for some type of inspiration I mean think about it... I think I've written a song about almost every Topic.( Go on & Check it Out-Just Google Jimmi Reitzler or Jimmi RITZ Reitzler  & You'll See) . But little did I know that 2016 Would be such a Game changer. I had gotten a new Electronic Drum Machine & a New ( Well not really new-but a 2006 Gibson Black Acoustic-Electric single cutaway Guitar). And I was ready for a new song. So I was keeping my Ears Open... Ok so 1 day I was driving by a Park and I saw there was a Band playing, So I found a place to park and walked over to watch them. While I was doing this a man sitting at a bench said sit down & talk to me. I said OK . Then he started to tell me All about his life, And all the things that had happen to him. As we were talking " I thought to my self" Hey I think I've found the, " Inspiration for my New Song". But the funny thing is I think I was the One that said Yes "I Think The World Has Gone Crazy". Then I ask him if he had eaten today? " He said Yes" And he said there is a food truck that comes around every day. So I said do you have a place to stay? And he Said Yes I'm fine. Then I said I hope I get to talk to you again soon. And he said I'm all ways here. So I got in my car & drove right home. When I got home I ran into the house & grabbed some paper & a pen & tried to remember everything we talked about, Then with my new guitar I started to write my new song, Yes I added some stuff as the song moved along ( But then again a lot of stuff happen in 2016). But I had 1 problem I didn't have an end to the song. So about 3 months latter I went back to the park to look for my new friend. And I couldn't find him. I ask a few people if they had seen him, and all of them said "NO". Then I saw a food truck that I thought my be the one he had talked about. I went up to the truck an ask the young lady that was working there if she knew the man I was talking about. She said "OH You must mean Joe' then she said 'You do know he lives in a box", Then she said "No, I have not seen him in about a month". This is when it hit me that I had an end to my Song... So then I ask if she had a Card for the Truck. When I looked at it. It said FOOD BANK of South Jersey. And yes I never saw Joe again but I do send money to the Food Bank when I can ( And I will say it's much more then I'll make on this Song. And please if You can Help the Homeless & the Poor. THANKZ  Jimmi RITZ Reitzler                      

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