Well its been an interesting last few months,On March 21 2013 I put out the song YDidIdoit -the real/copyright title of the song (on some sites it shows as "Y Did I Do it" or YdidIdoit-that has to do with how the site took the song-Some sites have there own rules).The song is the 29th song that I have on iTunes,CDBaby & Amazon (But really I have 45 songs out in all.There are a few that were left off from the TAROT 45,57th STREET 45,NO BRAKES EP & LP,And my solo LP Looking Thru Bobby's Diary and by the way this LP sells for up to $80.00 on Ebay by Collector's).Ok back to YDidIdoit this song is the first song that I wrote on the Bass Guitar,then added the vocals,guitar and drums (I've written a few on keyboards but really I write on Guitar and Vocals- or what ever comes to me first,then I add from there,I tell people its all most like painting).And once again this song is a story song,Its about the Guns & Kids thing thats been going on in the USA for the last few years.And to me this song really shows my Todd Rundgren,Tommy Bolin,David Bowie & The Tubes influence.Now jump forward to 5/6/2013 I found this blog about me on the net that read Quirky-Eccentric Artist with home made original sound.With his own label RITZ ZOUND that has developed a Cult Following.(Hey I think that pretty much says it all).Ok I have two more things to add Andy Warhol once said everyone wants to be a STAR and get His/Her 15 minutes of Fame.And if you watch TV or read the news,I think he was SO Right.Have a Great Memorial Day.And there are more songs on the way.PS contact me at jimmiritz7@comcast.net and tell me what you think.Jimmi RITZ Reitzler     

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