Ok TAROT with Dan Passerelli on Key board & Vocals, Me on Lead Vocals & Guitar, Joe Evans on Bass & Vocals & Jon Passerelli on Drums & Vocals. We may have been a Hitz type of Band. On our First ( and only 45 Rpm). We had 2 Great Songs, on Side A- Was "Play it Again" ( A song that Danny and I wrote - My name was put down as Jim" This I hated- But What Could I do). This Song had Hit all over it. Running time was 3:03- And Then there  was Jamaican Vacation a Reggae-Love Song That I wrote  & had a Running  time of 3:17. I sang Lead Vocal on both. And both were on the Local Radio Stations, But Only in South Jersey. This was a Great Band but there was some Friction in the Band ( But when I look back now - If You Have 4 Great people in one Band ( Something has to Break & We Did plus we were all Young). Then I Jumped in to 57th Street ( A Great Band with Carl Shultz on Drums & Vocals, Kevin McMannan  on Bass & Vocals. And Me on Guitar & Vocals). We put out 1- 45 rpm record that was picked up by Midnight Records ( From NYC) the 45 went no where, But I have to say this Band was a lot of FUN & I think we had a New Jersey type of Sound ( R&B, Punk, & Rock). And We Played every where. Then Carl & I changed the Band & wanted more of a Rock thing ( Kevin was out- Why I'm not really sure- but it just happened. Carl & I went in to a local Studio to do a 3 song EP, We Called the Band NO BRAKES, Carl & I did most of the Music & we had a friend of mine Bruce Deitz come in and play Bass. I wrote 2 of the Songs & carl & I wrote 1. I sang the 2 songs that I wrote & carl & I sang the one we wrote together. The Song on the A side was called Pen Pals ( it was my song) And the Idea was that this would be our Hit the running time was 2:55. The next song on the A side was Friends ( the song that carl & I wrote together the running time on this song was 2:45. On the B side was a song I wrote that had a new sound for us it was Called Tessa & Myra the running time was 5:08. We put the EP out and got it played on the local FM station, The Funny thing is Every Body Liked the B side a lot. We went thru a lot of Bass players, and it turned out that Joe ( from Tarot) Came in and he stayed for a Long time. This band did Really Great, Then Carl & I changed Every thing again. Ok I'm going to call this part 1. And part 2 will be on here very soon. But what I'm getting at is You can't tell what Song people will Like & If you want a hit song. You really can't tell what it will be. Talk to You Soon. Jimmi Ritz Reitzler                

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