First off so you know I think I'm in an ART/Rock Phase right now.In August I put up the song No Jobs Out There ( some have called it my 1st protest song but when I was in NO BRAKES I wrote the song: I Just Want To Get Paid it was on the LP SHATTERED DREAMS and is on the RITZ Compilation CD)Any way this song is from my new bunch of songs that I wrote in 2012.The new songs are written in a character format (something I picked up from David Bowie and The Beatles).And I tell people when I wrote and recorded the song I was thinking what if U2 and Bob Dylan got in a room together and wrote a song maybe this is what it would sound like.The funny thing is that the story in the song is all most true of stuff I went thru(or people I new went thru).And so every one knows there is a You Tube vid of the song out.Then in November I put out my 1st Xmas Song called Merry Xmas from Dirty Santa and if you like my past songs like Tessa and Myra,Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full and I Wantta Be Your Dog then You'll love this song.I had a lot of FUN with this song.And I hope you like both of them.And I should also tell you that all my new songs are done on an 8 track (and no protools).And I have more songs to come in 2013.Thankz for dropping by and reading my Blog Jimmi   

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