It Was Great, When I was younger and I found My Niche in Music... You know some thing a little Strange or Left of Center. I found I could write a song in the Pop or Rock Format(I like Rock better) but put a Twist on it. Another thing I found was that people couldn't really tell who I was Influenced by, plus add Me to that and you get my Style. Ok so most of My Songs have a Story to them and a lot of people Say Jimmi "Your Songs are to long to go on Radio", But my answer to that is...Hey it's a Story "What part do you want me to Leave Out? The Beginning ( I call this the Set Up), The Middle (That's the Plot) or The End ( That is where the Twist Goes--Most of the time), But some times I even play with my little Formula (Just to mess with people). All of this makes my Songs Unique. And some people call me Eccentric. But Hey I can live with that. And I even came up with what You call my Music. I tell people I write "Rock/Story Songz." This is All taken from My Book that should be Out in 2018. Ps You will also find out Why, Some times I use a Z in a place where an S should Be. Jimmi RITZ Reitzler          

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