Hi Like I said I'm --MR-WHO-R-U... And I do Web Page Interview's--- You will Know Who I am Because I use a ++ When I talk and my Guest will have a ** on Them. 2--Days New Find is Jimmi RITZ Reitzler. So lets Go... ++ OK - Hi Fanz & New People...Let's Play True or False... ++ First Off " Jimmi do You have New Music Coming OUT"'. ** OK Hi Everyone. Yes I'm Working on a new Song ( Really I have 3).. But one has moved to the Front of the Line. Plus I had a lot of People in the last few years, " That have said Jimmi do a Love Song" And I was like "NO-NO-NO"- Hey I did them Years Ago, When I was in TAROT, 57th STREET and NO BRAKES... But guess what "YOU Win" It looks like the New one will be a Love Song. "But I get people that will say  - Is it a true Story or a made up Song" And I say to that, When You Hear it You tell Me.  ++ OK Next Question... Do People call You Eccentric? ** Well Maybe... But To me, I think People like Howard Hughes and Andy Warhol are Really Eccentric. But I do Love Andy's Art and wish I had Howards Money (Ha-Ha). I will say a few people Call me " A Quirky- Artzy type of Guy" and  " Hey I Like that One".  ++ OK now this next one is not a true or false Question... "It's a Really Question and its about Your First Name... Jimmi''' Where did that All Come From??? ** Ok the first "I" comes from my DAD. The Second I... Came from When I was living in NYC at a Hotel ( That Rented by the Night, Week -or Month). " But let me Back this All Up". I got of the Bus in NYC and made a right. I walked about 12 or 14 Blocks. Then I looked to the Left and saw this Hotel. So I walked in and ask" How much by the month". Then I paid for 2 Months. The Guy at the desk put me on the 7th Floor. And said You have to walk Up the Stairs. When I got to my Room. I opened the Door and walked in. Hey it was OK not Great but Ok. It had a Bed, bureau, sink and a place to hang my clothes. " I said OK this is my new Home"... Then I got a Knock on the Door. When I Opened it, There was this Woman, She was about 5 foot 2, And really She Looked like Joan Jett. "She said Hi, Your the New Guy- What's Your Name".  " I said Jimmy"...And She said-- "Oh and with a I"... So from then on I was JIMMI ( With an I). By the way her name was P-P. And She took care of me, When I was in NYC.  She helped me find a Job ( It was at a Deli). And Showed me ALL the HOT SPOTS in the City. No Sex it was like a Brother- Sister Thing. Hey She Even Saved My Life Once. And that Story and More will all be in my new Book that I'm working on. ++ Hey wait Jimmi You have a Book coming Out. ** YES. ++ OK That's enough for Now. ++ Keep an I out for Part 2. Hope You had Fun with our Little Game. MR-WHO-R-U with my Guest   Jimmi RITZ Reitzler. ** Hi Thankz for the Interview MR-WHO- R-U. And Thankz to All my Fanz & Friends. Jimmi               

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