Ok well its funny how life works,at the end of November 2012 I put out the Xmas single"Merry Xmas from Dirty Santa".And I really did think everyone would LOVE it.Now let me say people did go to any free site (I had it on)to hear it,but not many people bought the song.So I came into 2013 a little down...Then to my surprise I get an email from Reverbnation that said-I was in the Hard Rock Rising 2013 Contest.And the Idea was that if some one came to the site on Facebook(and liked it) then clicked on USA & then clicked on Philadephia (the city I was in under-sorry Atlantic City but Philly is right over the bridge from me now)and then went to my name/picture on the list  and clicked on download I would get a VOTE and they would get a free download of my song "I Can't Dance" (from the RITZ CD & ADDITIONAL PARKING download only CD).Now let me say right here that its funny but its true what Actors say, Its GREAT to be Nominated for something like this.Ok the 1st round goes on till February 11th and if I do good there, I will move on to the next round.And if you Win you get to go to the London Hard Rock Calling as part of a World Tour (and you get to make an album & video with Hard Rock Records and you win some gear).So if its not to late go VOTE for me. And here I think I should add that I have 44 songs out (and 28 of them are on CDBaby,iTunes and this web site).So I have alot of songs to pick from to play for London.And Like I've said before not bad for a Guy from Atlantic City,New Jersey.Jimmi RITZ Reitzler   

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