OK, When I was Young--- My Real Mom & Dad were both Real Flirtz... I was young and over weight... But I still picked up on the Flirt Thing. How do I know ??? Well I was in & out of the Hospital for 2 years- ( Hey I have Asthma & Allergies)-( more about this in my Book)- ( And I still Have it). And I had a Nurse that showed me How to Whistle. To me That was a Flirt Thing.  The Great thing was I showed My Dad... And the Nurse came to the Room. My DAD Loved it. And I really do Look- At this "Flirt Thing-I Had --- When I got Older, Was part of my Music Thing. Is this a Teazze ??? NO just part of my past.  Next thing People ask Why have You been off the Net for so long. Well I was working on one song, Then I found a tape with this other Song, But I had to Finish the New Song. So now I have 2. But a few other things came up... Then the next thing I know I wrote a New Song . Ok that makes 3. So now it's time to Record them. The Best thing is I'm working on " New  Turnings ( the Chuck Berry thing was in E-b( really I just tune down - one step).Some people call this Concert Tuning. Then I saw this thing on TV about this Old Blues Guy that would put a Capo on his Guitar. And then You go from There... Hey Keith  does it all the time. All You Music People will get all of this, You other People Just have to trust Me. Ok that's All for Know. Love You All & Rock Your Socks Off . Oh & AGE is Just a Number. Jimmi            

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