OK, When I was Young--- My Real Mom & Dad were both Real Flirtz... I was young and over weight... But I still picked up on the Flirt Thing. How do I know ??? Well I was in & out of the Hospital for 2 years- ( Hey I have Asthma & Allergies)-( more about this in my Book)- ( And I still Have it). And I had a Nurse that showed me How to Whistle. To me That was a Flirt Thing.  The Great thing was I showed My Dad... And the Nurse came to the Room. My DAD Loved it. And I really do Look- At this "Flirt Thing-I Had --- When I got Older, Was part of my Music Thing. Is this a Teazze ??? NO just part of my past.  Next thing People ask Why have You been off the Net for so long. Well I was working on one song, Then I found a tape with this other Song, But I had to Finish the New Song. So now I have 2. But a few other things came up... Then the next thing I know I wrote a New Song . Ok that makes 3. So now it's time to Record them. The Best thing is I'm working on " New  Turnings ( the Chuck Berry thing was in E-b( really I just tune down - one step).Some people call this Concert Tuning. Then I saw this thing on TV about this Old Blues Guy that would put a Capo on his Guitar. And then You go from There... Hey Keith  does it all the time. All You Music People will get all of this, You other People Just have to trust Me. Ok that's All for Know. Love You All & Rock Your Socks Off . Oh & AGE is Just a Number. Jimmi            

Hi Like I said I'm --MR-WHO-R-U... And I do Web Page Interview's--- You will Know Who I am Because I use a ++ When I talk and my Guest will have a ** on Them. 2--Days New Find is Jimmi RITZ Reitzler. So lets Go... ++ OK - Hi Fanz & New People...Let's Play True or False... ++ First Off " Jimmi do You have New Music Coming OUT"'. ** OK Hi Everyone. Yes I'm Working on a new Song ( Really I have 3).. But one has moved to the Front of the Line. Plus I had a lot of People in the last few years, " That have said Jimmi do a Love Song" And I was like "NO-NO-NO"- Hey I did them Years Ago, When I was in TAROT, 57th STREET and NO BRAKES... But guess what "YOU Win" It looks like the New one will be a Love Song. "But I get people that will say  - Is it a true Story or a made up Song" And I say to that, When You Hear it You tell Me.  ++ OK Next Question... Do People call You Eccentric? ** Well Maybe... But To me, I think People like Howard Hughes and Andy Warhol are Really Eccentric. But I do Love Andy's Art and wish I had Howards Money (Ha-Ha). I will say a few people Call me " A Quirky- Artzy type of Guy" and  " Hey I Like that One".  ++ OK now this next one is not a true or false Question... "It's a Really Question and its about Your First Name... Jimmi''' Where did that All Come From??? ** Ok the first "I" comes from my DAD. The Second I... Came from When I was living in NYC at a Hotel ( That Rented by the Night, Week -or Month). " But let me Back this All Up". I got of the Bus in NYC and made a right. I walked about 12 or 14 Blocks. Then I looked to the Left and saw this Hotel. So I walked in and ask" How much by the month". Then I paid for 2 Months. The Guy at the desk put me on the 7th Floor. And said You have to walk Up the Stairs. When I got to my Room. I opened the Door and walked in. Hey it was OK not Great but Ok. It had a Bed, bureau, sink and a place to hang my clothes. " I said OK this is my new Home"... Then I got a Knock on the Door. When I Opened it, There was this Woman, She was about 5 foot 2, And really She Looked like Joan Jett. "She said Hi, Your the New Guy- What's Your Name".  " I said Jimmy"...And She said-- "Oh and with a I"... So from then on I was JIMMI ( With an I). By the way her name was P-P. And She took care of me, When I was in NYC.  She helped me find a Job ( It was at a Deli). And Showed me ALL the HOT SPOTS in the City. No Sex it was like a Brother- Sister Thing. Hey She Even Saved My Life Once. And that Story and More will all be in my new Book that I'm working on. ++ Hey wait Jimmi You have a Book coming Out. ** YES. ++ OK That's enough for Now. ++ Keep an I out for Part 2. Hope You had Fun with our Little Game. MR-WHO-R-U with my Guest   Jimmi RITZ Reitzler. ** Hi Thankz for the Interview MR-WHO- R-U. And Thankz to All my Fanz & Friends. Jimmi               

Hi fanz, I'm Ok. Just want to see if this New way Works. If So--- I will Add more Soon. Jimmi

Hi Every


Ok TAROT with Dan Passerelli on Key board & Vocals, Me on Lead Vocals & Guitar, Joe Evans on Bass & Vocals & Jon Passerelli on Drums & Vocals. We may have been a Hitz type of Band. On our First ( and only 45 Rpm). We had 2 Great Songs, on Side A- Was "Play it Again" ( A song that Danny and I wrote - My name was put down as Jim" This I hated- But What Could I do). This Song had Hit all over it. Running time was 3:03- And Then there  was Jamaican Vacation a Reggae-Love Song That I wrote  & had a Running  time of 3:17. I sang Lead Vocal on both. And both were on the Local Radio Stations, But Only in South Jersey. This was a Great Band but there was some Friction in the Band ( But when I look back now - If You Have 4 Great people in one Band ( Something has to Break & We Did plus we were all Young). Then I Jumped in to 57th Street ( A Great Band with Carl Shultz on Drums & Vocals, Kevin McMannan  on Bass & Vocals. And Me on Guitar & Vocals). We put out 1- 45 rpm record that was picked up by Midnight Records ( From NYC) the 45 went no where, But I have to say this Band was a lot of FUN & I think we had a New Jersey type of Sound ( R&B, Punk, & Rock). And We Played every where. Then Carl & I changed the Band & wanted more of a Rock thing ( Kevin was out- Why I'm not really sure- but it just happened. Carl & I went in to a local Studio to do a 3 song EP, We Called the Band NO BRAKES, Carl & I did most of the Music & we had a friend of mine Bruce Deitz come in and play Bass. I wrote 2 of the Songs & carl & I wrote 1. I sang the 2 songs that I wrote & carl & I sang the one we wrote together. The Song on the A side was called Pen Pals ( it was my song) And the Idea was that this would be our Hit the running time was 2:55. The next song on the A side was Friends ( the song that carl & I wrote together the running time on this song was 2:45. On the B side was a song I wrote that had a new sound for us it was Called Tessa & Myra the running time was 5:08. We put the EP out and got it played on the local FM station, The Funny thing is Every Body Liked the B side a lot. We went thru a lot of Bass players, and it turned out that Joe ( from Tarot) Came in and he stayed for a Long time. This band did Really Great, Then Carl & I changed Every thing again. Ok I'm going to call this part 1. And part 2 will be on here very soon. But what I'm getting at is You can't tell what Song people will Like & If you want a hit song. You really can't tell what it will be. Talk to You Soon. Jimmi Ritz Reitzler                

It Was Great, When I was younger and I found My Niche in Music... You know some thing a little Strange or Left of Center. I found I could write a song in the Pop or Rock Format(I like Rock better) but put a Twist on it. Another thing I found was that people couldn't really tell who I was Influenced by, plus add Me to that and you get my Style. Ok so most of My Songs have a Story to them and a lot of people Say Jimmi "Your Songs are to long to go on Radio", But my answer to that is...Hey it's a Story "What part do you want me to Leave Out? The Beginning ( I call this the Set Up), The Middle (That's the Plot) or The End ( That is where the Twist Goes--Most of the time), But some times I even play with my little Formula (Just to mess with people). All of this makes my Songs Unique. And some people call me Eccentric. But Hey I can live with that. And I even came up with what You call my Music. I tell people I write "Rock/Story Songz." This is All taken from My Book that should be Out in 2018. Ps You will also find out Why, Some times I use a Z in a place where an S should Be. Jimmi RITZ Reitzler          

I'm Sorry it took so long to get this out but this is the Story of my New Song--- Well this song started out around the Beginning of 2016. I was looking for some type of inspiration I mean think about it... I think I've written a song about almost every Topic.( Go on & Check it Out-Just Google Jimmi Reitzler or Jimmi RITZ Reitzler  & You'll See) . But little did I know that 2016 Would be such a Game changer. I had gotten a new Electronic Drum Machine & a New ( Well not really new-but a 2006 Gibson Black Acoustic-Electric single cutaway Guitar). And I was ready for a new song. So I was keeping my Ears Open... Ok so 1 day I was driving by a Park and I saw there was a Band playing, So I found a place to park and walked over to watch them. While I was doing this a man sitting at a bench said sit down & talk to me. I said OK . Then he started to tell me All about his life, And all the things that had happen to him. As we were talking " I thought to my self" Hey I think I've found the, " Inspiration for my New Song". But the funny thing is I think I was the One that said Yes "I Think The World Has Gone Crazy". Then I ask him if he had eaten today? " He said Yes" And he said there is a food truck that comes around every day. So I said do you have a place to stay? And he Said Yes I'm fine. Then I said I hope I get to talk to you again soon. And he said I'm all ways here. So I got in my car & drove right home. When I got home I ran into the house & grabbed some paper & a pen & tried to remember everything we talked about, Then with my new guitar I started to write my new song, Yes I added some stuff as the song moved along ( But then again a lot of stuff happen in 2016). But I had 1 problem I didn't have an end to the song. So about 3 months latter I went back to the park to look for my new friend. And I couldn't find him. I ask a few people if they had seen him, and all of them said "NO". Then I saw a food truck that I thought my be the one he had talked about. I went up to the truck an ask the young lady that was working there if she knew the man I was talking about. She said "OH You must mean Joe' then she said 'You do know he lives in a box", Then she said "No, I have not seen him in about a month". This is when it hit me that I had an end to my Song... So then I ask if she had a Card for the Truck. When I looked at it. It said FOOD BANK of South Jersey. And yes I never saw Joe again but I do send money to the Food Bank when I can ( And I will say it's much more then I'll make on this Song. And please if You can Help the Homeless & the Poor. THANKZ  Jimmi RITZ Reitzler                      

And if your into Halloween (And who isn't) I've got Two new songs on my site you need to Hear. One is "Zombie Shuffle" and it's a dance song that's got a little Alice Cooper, Chubby Checker and a bit of The Tubes. So check out the Words and get up and Dance. The other song is "Reality TV" one of my is it True or Not Songs ??? The Story alone will make you go back to Hear it again. And You can Because I also have it on Video. All songs on my site are free to Hear (But you can buy them if you want-Hey I can use the money- Ha-Ha ). OK time to Go I've got 3 new songs I'm working on. Because That's the way I Rock & Roll. Have lots of Fun and talk to you soon. Jimmi  

Ok I thought I would bring you all up to speed-In July of 2012 I Got a "New" Recording set up and by August I had a New Song called "No Jobs Out There" that I put on cdbaby in October. Soon after that a friend of mine named Mike Kelly made a Video of the song (you can find it on this site){And I must say that it's true what they say that sometimes some ones perspective and the true meaning of a song can be different but that's OK-that's why I don't like to use lyric sheets}But I did like his video that he put on You Tube. Next I put out the song "Merry Xmas from Dirty Santa" this song came out at the end of November. I really did think that people would love this Song...But some people thought It was a negative reflection on Xmas {But that is what Poetic License is all about-I Think?}So I LET THE SONG RUN TILL Xmas...Then in 2013 I started work on a new song (and I wanted a change)So I wrote the song on Bass. Then added the Guitar and Vocals, Like a lot of my other songs this was a story song and there was a lot of things going on in the USA about kids with Guns(It had happen in 2011 also but had come up more then once in 2012 & 2013)So this became the subject of this new song. This song was called YDIDIdoit (or Y Did I do it)And once again I put it up on cdbaby.But here again I didn't get the reaction I thought I would...Let me say here that all of the New Songs were to be part of a new CD about how the new world had become a current events type of thing. But Maybe they were to close to Real Life for some people to take. So I said let me take one more try. So in July I started a new song this song was hard to do because some of the subject matter was true and at the same time I saw a story on TV that had some of the same info in it--So I said to my self I think I'm on to something here so I called the song "Reality TV" after I was done with the song I made a Video & put it up on You Tube (the song is also on this site)and on cdbaby. I have some new songs BUT I think I'll wait and let the World take these in for a while...Ok I hope every one had a Good Year....... Any way it's 2014 maybe it's time to get back to doing  some new songs, And my new songs seem to have a few new Ideas. So Here I Go Again ---I don't write Hits but maybe I can Hit You with something every one will say "Hey that was Really a Great Song" Talk to you soon Jimmi ps Just so you know I sing & play everything on all of the above songs...

Working on Video of new song-should be out soon on You Tube-And have more songs out soon-Also remember you can Google or Bing me-I'm all over the Net-Also got new computer so I've got new ways to do things-And so you know the year has been very interesting (a lot of ups & Downs).Have fun till next time. Jimmi 

Well its been an interesting last few months,On March 21 2013 I put out the song YDidIdoit -the real/copyright title of the song (on some sites it shows as "Y Did I Do it" or YdidIdoit-that has to do with how the site took the song-Some sites have there own rules).The song is the 29th song that I have on iTunes,CDBaby & Amazon (But really I have 45 songs out in all.There are a few that were left off from the TAROT 45,57th STREET 45,NO BRAKES EP & LP,And my solo LP Looking Thru Bobby's Diary and by the way this LP sells for up to $80.00 on Ebay by Collector's).Ok back to YDidIdoit this song is the first song that I wrote on the Bass Guitar,then added the vocals,guitar and drums (I've written a few on keyboards but really I write on Guitar and Vocals- or what ever comes to me first,then I add from there,I tell people its all most like painting).And once again this song is a story song,Its about the Guns & Kids thing thats been going on in the USA for the last few years.And to me this song really shows my Todd Rundgren,Tommy Bolin,David Bowie & The Tubes influence.Now jump forward to 5/6/2013 I found this blog about me on the net that read Quirky-Eccentric Artist with home made original sound.With his own label RITZ ZOUND that has developed a Cult Following.(Hey I think that pretty much says it all).Ok I have two more things to add Andy Warhol once said everyone wants to be a STAR and get His/Her 15 minutes of Fame.And if you watch TV or read the news,I think he was SO Right.Have a Great Memorial Day.And there are more songs on the way.PS contact me at jimmiritz7@comcast.net and tell me what you think.Jimmi RITZ Reitzler     

Ok well its funny how life works,at the end of November 2012 I put out the Xmas single"Merry Xmas from Dirty Santa".And I really did think everyone would LOVE it.Now let me say people did go to any free site (I had it on)to hear it,but not many people bought the song.So I came into 2013 a little down...Then to my surprise I get an email from Reverbnation that said-I was in the Hard Rock Rising 2013 Contest.And the Idea was that if some one came to the site on Facebook(and liked it) then clicked on USA & then clicked on Philadephia (the city I was in under-sorry Atlantic City but Philly is right over the bridge from me now)and then went to my name/picture on the list  and clicked on download I would get a VOTE and they would get a free download of my song "I Can't Dance" (from the RITZ CD & ADDITIONAL PARKING download only CD).Now let me say right here that its funny but its true what Actors say, Its GREAT to be Nominated for something like this.Ok the 1st round goes on till February 11th and if I do good there, I will move on to the next round.And if you Win you get to go to the London Hard Rock Calling as part of a World Tour (and you get to make an album & video with Hard Rock Records and you win some gear).So if its not to late go VOTE for me. And here I think I should add that I have 44 songs out (and 28 of them are on CDBaby,iTunes and this web site).So I have alot of songs to pick from to play for London.And Like I've said before not bad for a Guy from Atlantic City,New Jersey.Jimmi RITZ Reitzler   

First off so you know I think I'm in an ART/Rock Phase right now.In August I put up the song No Jobs Out There ( some have called it my 1st protest song but when I was in NO BRAKES I wrote the song: I Just Want To Get Paid it was on the LP SHATTERED DREAMS and is on the RITZ Compilation CD)Any way this song is from my new bunch of songs that I wrote in 2012.The new songs are written in a character format (something I picked up from David Bowie and The Beatles).And I tell people when I wrote and recorded the song I was thinking what if U2 and Bob Dylan got in a room together and wrote a song maybe this is what it would sound like.The funny thing is that the story in the song is all most true of stuff I went thru(or people I new went thru).And so every one knows there is a You Tube vid of the song out.Then in November I put out my 1st Xmas Song called Merry Xmas from Dirty Santa and if you like my past songs like Tessa and Myra,Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full and I Wantta Be Your Dog then You'll love this song.I had a lot of FUN with this song.And I hope you like both of them.And I should also tell you that all my new songs are done on an 8 track (and no protools).And I have more songs to come in 2013.Thankz for dropping by and reading my Blog Jimmi   

 Ok this is my 2nd Blog.There is more going on from the State of New Jersey NOW then in years past.You had Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.But Now we have them plus TV shows like Jersey Shore and Boardwalk Empire.And many INTERNET MUSIC people like myself that are doing very well.I have my web site (that your on that has had almost 1700 visits, thats not BAD but I would like more who wouldn't)plus if you google Jimmi RITZ Reitzler you will see I'm all over the net and if you go to myspace you will see I have close to 3000 visits there.That means (in all) may be 200 friends and 4500 people that I don't even know (but any one that would take the time to check out my music will now be my new friend not just a fan).And the way I look at it. That amount of people that like my music is NOT BAD for a guy that grew up in and around Atlantic City,New Jersey.Thank You to every one that has taken the time to check out my music.Jimmi 

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